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Don’t Ask to Cut

This is a big no-no, especially when it comes to the security line, where dozens of other people are in just as big of a hurry. Bear in mind that, when you ask one person to let you jump ahead of him, you’re assuming all of the people in line behind him will also be okay with it. If it’s really an emergency, speak with a flight attendant.


Don’t Ask Strangers to Keep an Eye on Your Bags

Sure, the bathroom is just five feet away or you just need a little snack, but that’s no reason to burden someone else with your belongings. First, they’re probably stressing over their own situation and don’t need the extra trouble. Secondly, it is a security violation. If you doubt that, just listen to the warnings the airport broadcasts over the speakers every five minutes.


Don’t Bring Your Burgers

That includes the fries or onion rings. In fact, all cooked food is highly frowned upon for a very good reason. The odor of cooked meat and hot grease tends to linger, especially in an enclosed space. Planes aren’t like cars or trains. You can’t just open a window for some fresh air.


Share the Overhead Storage Space

The overhead bins are intended for multiple passengers to share. If you take up too much room, others may not be able to fit their bags in the compartment. This is especially annoying if your particular airline charges for each carry-on. If you need extra room, speak to an attendant.


Just Turn it Off

Your electronics must be turned off during takeoff and landings. It’s airline policy and, as such, flight attendants are just doing their jobs by enforcing it. Arguing with them accomplishes nothing and may delay the flight. Additionally, if they view you as a problem, you may get put off the plane.

In many cases, flight etiquette is a matter of common sense. In any public gathering, courtesy and civility help things run more smoothly. By listening to your own conscience, you’ll probably be able to infer most of the unspoken rules aboard your flight.