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Traveling is a hobby that thousands of people across the world share. While hundreds of thousands of people travel each year, there is still a great deal of misinformation out there about the topic. This has led to many different myths about travel that are unfortunately still believed to this day. Even though these myths may never be fully eradicated, it never hurts to educate their consumer so that they don’t make impulsive decisions. Some common myths and then the reason they are untrue are as follows:

  • Travel Insurance Is Never Worth It
  • Booking A Vacation At The Last Second Can Save You Tons Of Money
  • Travel Rewards Credit Cards Are A Scam

Travel Insurance Is Never Worth It

People may have traveled dozens of times and never needed their travel insurance. While it is true that travel insurance gets used very infrequently, the benefits of paying the additional fee far outweigh the possibility of consequences regardless of how small they may seem. For example, accidents while on vacation can quickly lead to tens of thousands of dollars being paid out of pocket whereas travel insurance would have covered the whole cost. Failing to buy travel insurance is like rolling the dice and hoping to get lucky.

Booking A Vacation At The Last Second Can Save You Tons Of Money

While these may be true in a few very select cases, for the most part, booking at the last second usually leads travelers to spend more. This is because last minute trips are usually far less researched and planned out which increases the probability that something was overlooked and a large charge may be incurred. Additionally, booking at the last second can sometimes mean only taking the less desirable flights or hotels which may put a damper on your seemingly good deal.

Travel Rewards Credit Cards Are A Scam

While the interest rates that credit card companies charge may seem like a scam, their travel rewards programs are usually quite legitimate. They often work by redeeming miles, which are collected each time you use your credit card, for travel perks like upgrades or even free flights. The key is to make sure you pay your credit card balance in full each month so you are not subject to high interest rates which usually wipe out any travel advantage that was gained.