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Travel trends tend to change from one year to the next depending on many different variables. The latest preferences seem to revolve around themed vacations and the chance to achieve personal goals. Certain U.S. destinations have also gained a greater degree of interest in recent years. Business travelers have devised a means of taking time for a little fun.


Culinary Travel

According to Momondo, food lovers are no longer simply interested in taking food tours based on a variety of carefully selected restaurants. Travelers are more interested in experiencing the cuisine popularized by the locals. Dining in the homes of local residents is a growing trend. The “EatWith” and “Meal Sharing” websites provide opportunities around the world to interact with local residents while enjoying the native cuisine. The street markets of Japan and other Asian countries are also of major interest. Local farmer’s markets in different countries are another option for providing the chance to indulge in unique cuisine experiences.


Goal-oriented Trips

Rather than merely traveling to particular destinations to enjoy the view, travelers are more likely to seek out locations to fulfill a specific goal. Some might venture to Boston for the pleasure of competing in the marathon. Others may challenge themselves by attempting to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro. Thrill seekers might venture to the Grand Canyon for the adrenaline rush that whitewater rafting along the Colorado River offers.


U.S. Destinations

The U.S. Travel Destination Outlook reports that certain regions of the country have become more popular with native and international guests over other locations. U.S. Citizens are more interested in planning trips to the west coast and to the southern states. International visitors wanting to explore the country often engage in destination searches on the west and east coasts along with the southern states.


Bleisure Travel

Individuals who travel for business are increasingly combining the excursion with pleasure by extending their time in the location. The blesiure trend picked up speed in 2017 and is expected to become more popular. Travelers might extend their stay from a couple of extra days to a couple of weeks. Some are opting to become nomads for a month or longer in the destination of their choosing. The advent of Wi-Fi access, professional communication tools and work spaces in many world cities enable business employees to function from virtually anywhere on the planet.