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The latest trend in travel is the combination of tourism paired with volunteer work. Otherwise known as voluntourism, advocates of this practice point to the benefits of combining vacationing with doing good for others.When considering a voluntourism trip, here are a few of the latest trends to keep in mind:

TRAVEL GREEN: Travelling with sustainability in mind is the top goal for many ecotourists. Some of the top destinations in recent years include wildlife refuges, national parks, and other places that promote green living. Environmentally-conscious travelers are also more likely to demand greener modes of transportation that are more cost-effective and carbon-reducing. Advocates of green travel are passionate about stopping over-tourism and are instead working to promote the preservation of lands and cultures.

SOLO BUT SOCIAL: Voluntourism is an ideal way to travel for those solo travelers looking to connect with other like-minded tourists. Although some people prefer the experience of solo traveling, there are times during a trip when companionship is desired. This kind of experience provides the solitude of solo tourism with the opportunity to be social with other travelers. It is also more likely to connect with people with similar interests when embarking on a volunteer-focused travel journey.

RESPONSIBLE TOURISM: As a general rule, travelers desiring a voluntourism experience are also more likely to be advocates of responsible tourism. Voluntourists are looking to engage with responsible tour companies who promote social responsibility and commitment to helping the environment and all of its inhabitants.

MULTI-GENERATIONAL TRIPS: As life expectancies continue to rise and people generate additional disposable income, the popularity of multi-generational trips is surging. The wide availability of timeshare and house sharing services also make it more practical for larger families to find accommodations for every member of the family together.

EXTENDED TRIPS: The rapid rise in technology has made it easier for employees to extend their vacations while still working remotely. Now more than ever, it is more convenient to conduct business while catching a little rest and relaxation. The ease in which your hotel room can be turned into a remote office has made it more popular to extend that vacation and possibly tack on a volunteer project to the end of the trip.